Flight delayed after passenger poops on floor

(CMR)  An EasyJet flight was canceled, and its passengers had to disembark last week after someone reportedly pooped on the airplane’s bathroom floor.

The flight from a Spanish island to the London area had already been delayed by several hours, CNN reported.

Reports are that after two passengers visited the front bathroom, word spread that someone had pooped on the bathroom floor.

Cleaners reportedly went on board, and passengers stayed in their seats during the deep clean. The captain then announced they would have to get off the plane.

EasyJet says the flight was delayed overnight due to the aircraft needing additional cleaning. The airline says it provided hotel accommodations and would reimburse people who booked their own.

“We obviously can’t prove whether the person simply had an accident or if they had done this out of anger for the delayed flight, but it was hard not to be angry either way,”  a passenger, told CNN.

“Nobody wants to be stranded in another country,” she added.

Another passenger, Aaran Gedhu, told CNN the scheduled plane was swapped for a smaller aircraft before boarding began, and some passengers were turned away at the gate as a result.

Those who were permitted to board did so two hours after they were scheduled to depart, and waited in their seats for another hour as bags were removed from the plane because it was overweight.

Renae Stampp

Renae Stampp

A regional writer with almost 10 years of experience working in various news media including two major media houses in Bermuda and Jamaica. Renae provides professional content for our regional and international audience.

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