About Us


Giving you the tea as no one else can!

Cayman Marl Road (CMR) originated in June 2017 to give the local community an alternative news option.  

Traditional news had become sterile, overly politically correct, and more about advertising revenue than the people. Readers yearned for something more and out of that yearning came a vision to go back to our roots. The result is something for everyone – traditional news, marl road happenings, and sharing the parts of the story no one often reports – the story behind the story! We offer the real news that people care about with no filters.

We are continuing the oldest tradition in the Cayman Islands – “carrying news” – but with a modern-day twist! Historically, the news was delivered across the island by young girls; sometimes as young as 10! They would walk great distances from one district to another on the “marl road” to obtain the news from the capital and bring it back to the mistress of their households. It was then the responsibility of the homeowner to pass that information along to outer districts and everyone in the community.

Back then the marl road was unpaved and rustic. A treacherous journey even for the most passionate. In many respects, not much has changed! It remains a perilous area to venture into but it’s our passion here at CMR!

News included a diverse range of areas covering weather and storm alerts, incoming cargo details, and political news. Along the way, the young ladies would also obtain the non-official information. Whatever the local happenings were at the time and this surely ran the gamut! Mostly slave girls were used for this purpose as the marl road was not an easy journey for most. It required walking on unpaved and unlighted roads in often dangerous conditions. Sometimes, the walk was about 20 miles! Yet the women sustained it because the news was just that important.

CMR has revolutionized the world of news with social media platforms and modern technology. Our guerilla-style marketing tactics have made us the industry leader in only 2 years! We have digitized the traditional marl road and bring our viewers' news fresh and direct with no filters.

Since 2017 we have been blazing forward with our passion to make the news about people. We believe that news is meant to be for the people and by the people. The marl road has existed from the very beginning of time – now it is well paved and understood. Here at CMR we will continue this tradition.

Our success is proven with over 30,900 Facebook and 16,000 Instagram followers!  We have surpassed other news organizations that have been around for over 10 years! Our popularity with the average person drives our success and continues to propel us to greater heights.

CMR has established itself in an extremely competitive market and proven that we have staying power. If you want responses and viewer engagement then you’ve come to the right spot! CMR delivers that and so much more – News with a Passion!

CMR offers a daily morning podcast which began during COVID-19 and has been immensely popular. The show airs from 7:30 am – 9:30 and can be viewed at any time on Facebook. We also do a bi-weekly evening podcast that is extremely popular with our viewers and airs every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. 

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