Jamaican killed by husband in front of children in the US

(CMR) A Jamaican woman was killed by her US army husband in front of their children over the weekend in Colorado Springs, United States.

Tashianna Johnson-Blake(30) was reportedly shot dead by her husband in front of their two children.

The Colorado Springs police arrested Dermot Andrew Blake, who is also Jamaican, on charges of first-degree murder and child abuse.

Blake called the Springs police at about 1 am on Saturday, stating that he shot his wife, KKTV reported.

When the police arrived at the home in  Squawbush Ridge Grove, they found Johnson-Blake dead inside the house. Two children were reportedly in the home at the time and were later released to family members.

Blake was detained on the scene and was later arrested on charges of first-degree murder and two counts of child abuse. Blake, an active-duty sergeant at the Fort Carson military base, was scheduled to have his first court arraignment on Monday.

Blake, an active-duty soldier, assigned to the Mountain Post, has served in the military for four years.

The woman's death has left her family in Jamaica devastated, Jamaica Gleaner reported on Monday.

Several family members expressed shock that they lost Johnson-Blake to domestic violence.

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Renae Stampp

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