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Oct 01 - 31 2020


All Day

National Heroes Day 2021 : Celebrating our Seafaring Heritage

The theme for the 2021 National Heroes Day is Celebrating our Seafaring Heritage.


Nominations are open and continue through October 31.  Forms are attached and can be.  Nominations can also be done online at celebratecayman.ky or returned to me at District Administration and can be made in the following categories (more details for qualification on the nomination form):


  • Early Pioneer
  • Pioneer
  • Excelled At Sea
  • Women In Seafaring
  • Memorial Scroll
  • Friends Of Seafarers


2021 National Heroes Day recognises the outstanding contributions made by our seafarers, highlights the inspiring stories of our seafaring heritage, and celebrates the industry that is firmly embedded in the history and culture of the Cayman Islands.

These awards will honour those who have significantly contributed to our Seafaring Heritage. The 2021 National Heroes Day Committee has defined Seafaring Heritage as “an integral part of the Cayman Islands history, identity, society, economy, and development. For decades, thousands of Caymanians depended on the sea for their livelihood. Through their heroic efforts in boat building, ship building, shipping administration, turtling, and seafaring, these hardy and intrepid Caymanians built the foundation of our islands. We recognise the women who stayed home to ‘hold the fort’ and raised the families while their loved ones were far away. Through challenging times and shifting tides, they all lifted an entire nation towards a better way of life.

The Cayman Islands is indeed “… founded upon the seas” and our motto reminds us of our heritage and our identity. From building sailing vessels at home to fishing out on the high seas hundreds of miles away, from piloting catboats while turtle ranging to sailing the world on merchant ships of all sizes and classes, our seafaring people became renowned worldwide for their skills with attributes of resilience, perseverance, an aptitude for hard work, independence, and a spirit of entrepreneurship that made us who we are today”.

Nomination forms are available online at celebratecayman.ky or ministryofhealth.gov.ky
Completed forms must be submitted by 31 OCTOBER 2020

Email: [email protected] for more information


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